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Finding the confidence to face anything on horseback.

A day at Lead The Way’s Horsemanship Clinic with Sam and Andrew Froggatt: “You see, confidence on horseback comes from feeling like you’re in control regardless of the situation.” Andrew Explains “You don’t need anything fancy, but we give you a few simple tools, to develop the basic foundations to ensure you can feel safe if your horse ever does anything unexpected. Feeling safe on your horse is one of the most important components to build upon when developing mutual trust”

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3 kaimanawa's on a hill during photography trip.

A Photographers Dream: Experiencing The Wild Horses of New Zealand Running Free in the Kaimanawa Ranges.

We can all remember the first time we encountered something truly wild. The lingering electric feeling that seems to permeate from it and into you and back again. It might have been an animal, a storm, a mountain or a forest but the feeling is always the same: it awakens a dormant and primal part of you, unfettered by societal constructs and seems to whisper to the very fabric of your being: freedom.

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