Equestrifit® is a postural and movement screening program to better align the rider with their horse. Learn how you can take your current riding fitness to the next level with a new concept in rider fitness training called ‘StrapX’ and horse simulator training called ‘Bounce’.

Jason Hill
Equestrifit® Rider Fitness Programs
With my experience in Personal Training and horse riding I have developed a series of specialized Fitness Testing and Training Programs purely for riders. I have developed these programs for the Dressage, Show Jumping and Event Rider, Polo and Jockey’s in the racing industry can be supported also.

Basic general fitness can hinder the rider compounding muscular imbalances already present. Specific rider fitness training with the Equestrifit program screens for these weaknesses and prescribes exercises to strengthen and re-balance specific muscle groups.


110 Kidd Road, Karaka, New Zealand

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