We've been passionate about providing New Zealand animal nutrition for over 100 years. The culmination of that experience can be seen in our range of equestrian feeds developed to help your horse be their best regardless of which stage of life they're in.

We have a number of leading equine nutritionists that are able to develop and create a customised nutritional plan to suit your horse's individual needs. Whether your horse is a top level athlete or simply enjoys pleasure rides at home, we take the guess work out of feeding and can cater to your horse's specific needs, whilst combining trace minerals and vitamins to ensure your horse is performing at their peak.

NRM has also partnered up with world leading nutritional experts: Kentucky Equine Research to design diets, provide consultancy services and to deliver educational seminars across the spectrum of equine professions and sports.

To better understand how this partnership can directly help you, check out Microsteed, an online program from Kentucky Equine Research and NRM, designed to help you take the guess work out of feeding your horse.


Christchurch, New Zealand

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