A Dressage training stable in New Zealand that offers schooling of horses, horses for sale, lessons and coaching riders of all levels.

Pluse Electromagnetic Blanket and Laser Treament
We now have a Actvio Med Pluse Electromagnetic Blanket and hand held laser for treatment of horses The new Combi Pro is a unique rug that provides both sequenced Pulsed Electromagnetic and Massage therapy to the horse. By enhancing venous blood flow, this combination of therapies can be used on many equine problems and conditions as well as having great results when used on a pre-warmup program before exercise and a recovery program after exercise. What’s more, the Combi Pro rug treats the whole of the horse from the top of the neck to the tip of the tail with additional panels to treat the shoulders and stifle.

The new Magnetic Photolaser cluster is a powerful combination of 48 Laser LEDs together with a Pulsed Magnetic applicator. It is based on the latest supralight LED technology and is a milestone in technical innovation.
The unique combination of pulsed magnetic field and light frequency allows a wide range of applications
* Magnetic field frequency & intensity are easily adjustable
* Light frequency is easily adjustable
* Light therapy and magnetic field can be used simultaneiously for maximum results
* Light therapy or magnetic field can be used independently as a single application

Schooling of Horses

Horses are taken in for training and schooling in basic jumping, any level dressage, and farm hacking for fitness and/experience.  They are worked 5 days a week and the regime is individual to each horse and owner requirement, please contact us for more information.

If you are planning a holiday, book your horse or pony into stay with us!! Bookings essential as space is limited, services range from full work feed and care, to spelling/feed and care, for more information please contact us.  Long term agisment is also available for young horses that are purchased through us, with the option of leaving them hear to grow and mature then be started undersaddle before going to their new homes.

Weaning and handling of Young Horses
We take in foals for weaning and handling, this takes about 6-10 days depending on the youngster and what the owner wants, normally we have them leading, floating and picking their feet up for the farrier. They are also boxed at night so they are introduced to this experience before they need to compete!  They are always weaned with friends so stress to the youngster is a reduced as much as possible.


Ward, new zealand

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