Nikita graduated from Massey University in 2011 with both undergraduate and post-graduate qualifications in Animal science and nutrition.  She is a registered animal nutritionist in New Zealand and has worked in New Zealand as well as overseas with clients in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.  Her experience includes work with several feed companies in New Zealand as well as contract work for overseas companies.  Nikita has an extensive research background, with a real focus on applied research that will help the horse owner.  Her Masters research focused on the growth and development of the horse and interactions with nutrition.  As well as this she investigated current feeding practices on Thoroughbred stud farms in New Zealand and from here her passion for Equine Nutrition grew.  Nikita is excited to combine Petra's and her own expertise and experience in the equine nutrition space and help horse owners understand what and why they are feeding their horses.


Nutritionist MSc BSc BBS

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    • Aliy
      August 4, 2020 at 9:27 pm

      Hi I live 20 minutes South of Whangarei and have a 20 year old pony since December who I suspect has heaves and believe it is our hay. I need advice on feeding a complete diet instead of hay or limited do I can determine this is the problem. She has turned out mostly.

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