Passionate about providing non-invasive, holistic Barefoot Hoofcare services in Taranaki.

I believe that we should maintain healthy hooves through a wholesome approach of:

  • Regular trimming
  • Daily care
  • Considering and adapting the living and working environment
  • Diet of the horses.

Hooves have very important landmarks that I  use to read and understand where the internal structures lay in regard to the outter capsule and visualise what the hoof needs to do then allowing this change to happen over a period of time instead of cutting an "ideal" hoof to  suit predetermined angles and measurements.
I trim to encourage a heel first landing to allow the new unaltered growth from the coronet to come down to build a strong, tight and well connected wall / coffin bone attachment.

By reading hooves this way I will never over trim, or enter into the live sole.

Its important to use the sole as our main guide and I can read the thickness of it and form a good idea of the angle of the coffin bone and plan the trim from there. (Be aware of your hoof care practitioner paring off good thick sole and in some cases sole that's already
too thin,  which leaves the coffin bone with less protection.)

Training, methods and principles of world renowned rehabilitation specialist Pete Ramey.



Natural Barefoot Hoofcare.

Barefoot Trimming.

Horsemanship training using gentle pressure and release. Aiming for a soft, trusting and responsive partnership with equine.



Certificate in Equine Level 3, University of Edinburgh Certificate of Equine Nutrition and hoof care education through Pete Ramey.


Opunake, New Zealand

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