"My passion and love for horses started many years ago as a child, but my inspiration to follow Holistic Horse and Hoofcare began when I attended a three-day clinic with Todd Merrell from the USA, one of Dr Hiltrud Strasser's instructors in Holistic Horse and Hoofcare.


Attending Todd Merrell's clinic was an eye-opener for me, and at the end of it, I learned there was the possibility of becoming a qualified Strasser Holistic Hoofcare Professional. I couldn't let go of the idea that this is what I had been looking for, so followed up and enrolled. This was a huge commitment for me time wise and financially to return to study at age 45 but after 18 months hard work, I passed my final exams with six other like-minded New Zealanders, the first Kiwis to qualify.


My training is to understand the functions of a healthy hoof and natural environment to best work with horse owners to achieve a healthy sound horse able to perform in any discipline barefoot."


Holistic Horse and Hoofcare, Short Term Agistment, Barefoot Transition and Lameness Rehabilitation


Strasser HJoofcare Professional, Certified (2004)


Kumeu, New Zealand

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