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Together, we're building New Zealand's most comprehensive directory of trails, bridleways, pack tracks and paper roads for horses in New Zealand.

Our Mission:
Promoting Equine Exploration in New Zealand

There is nothing more magical than getting out and exploring with your equine companion. New Zealand has an incredible network of Tracks, Trails and Bridleways that allow you to experience the natural beauty of this country on horseback and we’re making it easy to find all the relevant resources, information and community groups to take the guess work out of equine exploration. 

By showcasing the incredible natural beauty of New Zealand’s back country and the adventures of other members of the community, we aim to inspire others to get out and hit the trail, making Horse Trekking and Back country exploration a staple recreational activity for horse owners. 

At the heart of this platform, is the community. 

By building our tracks and trails database together and by reviewing and updating tracks and trails we can guarantee that all information on the website stays current.

Our platform has been designed to be super easy to use and you can update and maintain Trails, Stories, Products and much more straight from your mobile phone!

Together, we hope to unite New Zealand’s recreational riding community and will continue to strive to build our platform to this purpose. 

Finding the perfect trail for your next adventure has never been this easy with everything you need to get out and explore on horseback in one place!

Each of our trail listings is jam packed full of all the information you need to know before hitting the trail. From access requirements, to parking availability to current hazards and more. We’ve also made it easy to search for the perfect trail for you: Search by difficulty, length, trail type, terrain and much more!

You can even bookmark your favourite rides so you have your bucket list to tick off 🙂

We’ve also integrated a “Virtual Experience” on each of the listings that will allow you to fly through the 3d landscape of the trail, giving you a good idea of what to expect when you ride. 

It’s super easy to upload a new track, and we’re going to need your help to build our tracks and trail directory for the community!

Connecting with other riders and equine explorers is one of the best ways to get out and explore! Through our online profiles and forums we’re making it easy for you to connect with Local Guides, Riding Clubs, Stories on the Trail, Trail Guides, Other Riders and more!

We’re keen to promote and help advocate access for horses on shared and mixed trails as well as the development of horse friendly trails in conservation areas. 

By providing one centralised platform we make it easy for the community to join petitions, see upcoming projects and to raise a collective voice where it matters. 

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