Majestic Horse Floats has taken horse transport to a new level nationwide.  Your horse receives the best of care and attention as it travels up and down the country. We can transport your horse from your pick-up point of choice, provide first class facilities for any overnight nationwide travel, and deliver to the required destination.


Our team at the Auckland Depot have over x years of experience and can guarantee the best treatment and transport of your horse where-ever you're going.



Please find below a bit about how our booking process works and some tips to ensure your horse has a safe and stress free experience. You can book or request a quote by calling us on:

0800 4 FLOATS

Or Online at:

Payment is to be sighted prior to pickup. You can pay by cash, credit card or our preferred method; Online banking. We will send you payment details after booking.

Our trucks run on demand, this means when a truck is full we will send it. This could be anywhere from next day pickup to up to two weeks for some parts. This means we cant often give you an exact time/date until closer to the time but we aim to give you an indication. We will call you as soon as a truck is ready to go and will try to give at least a days notice. The sooner you book the sooner we can get you on a truck.

All horses need a safe, well fitted halter. We can take other gear for you as a courtesy but we are obviously limited to how much we can take. If your horse is used to being covered you are welcome to supply a cover and we will put this on them when they arrive at our depots. We supply hard feed and hay however if your horse has special dietary requirements send them with some pre made feeds and we can feed them this!

We will try to give at least a days notice before we need to pick up/drop off your horse. Please ensure the horse is caught and ready to be loaded before we get there. We need someone at both the pick up and drop off locations. Our drivers are not allowed to catch and load your horse by themselves due to health and safety reasons.

Give your inexperienced horse the most stress free experience possible by teaching them how to load and travel on a float before their trip with us. Our drivers are extremely experienced and skilled at getting inexperienced horses on the trucks but this process is a whole lot easier and less stressful if the horses are educated prior to us picking them up. Prior training will lead to a positive experience for both you and your horse.

Unless requested, we prefer to travel horses without extras. Horses often get too hot with covers on, boots and bandages are inclined to slip and stress the horse and hay nets are dangerous as the horse can't get their head down to cough if they start to choke. Tail rub is common over long journeys as horses lean on the bum pads to balance themselves. If you would like a tail wrap on your horse please get them used to this before their trip and if you supply one we are happy to put this on.

While most horses cope well with travel, some horses, especially young ones can find it quite stressful. It is normal for them to lose some weight after a long trip and if you are sending them to compete or race we recommend leaving a few rest days after travel to allow them to recuperate.

Travelling older horses is at the owners risk as travel can be quite strenuous for them, we consider horses over 16 to be "older" but this is obviously dependent on the health and fitness of the individual horse. Broodmares should not travel long distances when they are due in a month or less. Healthy foals can generally travel around two weeks after birth but this is dependent on the strength and health of both the foal and mare and the distance they need to travel.

More FAQ's can be found on our website here:

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to get in touch!



352 Hillview Road, RD1, Bombay, Auckland 2675, New Zealand.

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