Whether you're a horse owner, run an equine business or manage an equine community/network: We're connecting the New Zealand Equestrian community at every level.

Here's how it works:

For Equine Businesses big & Small

We make it simple for your business to connect with potential customers all over New Zealand! Our suite of world class digital tools will give your equine business a powerful online presence, that not only looks amazing but integrates straight into our Equestrian network & marketplace.

Our equine directory has been built from the ground up with tangible marketing objectives in mind.

  • Get found by people searching for businesses just like yours!
  • Easy to manage online store with products featuring in our sitewide marketplace.
  • Host & Promote Events, Clinics, Courses and More.
  • Our online platform makes content marketing easy.
  • Sell Vouchers, Deals, Online courses and more!
  • Improve your website's SEO with back-links from an industry authority.

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1. Create Account (It's Free!)

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Choose your listing type:
We have a number of listing types custom built to suit the needs of your niche. You can find a full list of the listing types and what they do here.

Enter your Business details:
Take 5 minutes to tell us a bit about your business and link your social media profiles.
Add a few photos that showcase your business and you’re ready to go!

Once your listing has been approved, your business page will appear in our site-wide search functionality.  


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3. Add Products

Add Products

With our simple product manager you can easily add as many products as you’d like. Products added will always feature on our Human & Horse Equine Marketplace but can also be linked to your listing creating a beautiful online store.

Whether you’re selling a Voucher to an experience, a Ticket to a clinic, a Physical Product or perhaps a Service like a photography package, we can help you create an online store easily. The options are limitless.

3. Add Products

4. Promote Your Business

Promote your business

Now that you have an awesome online presence, it’s time to share with your friends & family and encourage past clients to rate and review your listing.

All listing packages also come with 2 free articles to get you started on some Content Marketing for your business. Articles are a powerful way of showcasing your knowledge and expertise to potential clients by writing useful content others want to read / share.

For example, a nutritionist writes an interesting article about different types of grasses and how varied grazing may impact your horses nutrition and required supplements. At the end of the article she links to a product in her online store to do a complete nutritional analysis for your horse, connecting readers directly with your business.

You can also purchase promotional packages straight from your user dashboard that will increase the visibility of your business allowing you to appear above your competitors in search results.

4. Promote Your Business

For Equine Networks & Communities

Do you run an equine related network or community? Our sophisticated platform can give you the tools to offer meaningful online products for your network. Whether you run a Facebook group, a professional network, a breed association or a large equine enterprise, we'd like to partner with you to connect your members to our wider Equestrian community. We can integrate our search and listing functionality straight onto your website. The best part is: you'll earn a commission for every new listing your network adds to our community.

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