Kaewa: (Moari) noun: wanderer, traveller, drifter, rover, rambler, adventurer.

When Kaewa first stepped off the truck and into our lives, he did so with a careful caution intertwined with the confidence of a seasoned explorer. From the get-go Kaewa exhibited a quiet strength and presence that you could feel from across the yard. For the entire first week, all the other horses would hide behind this big beautiful bay when ever we would muck out the yards or serve up some hay. Kae would simply stand guard and look on in curiosity. 

He was the first to approach us, the first to take food from our hands, the first to accept our invite to touch. He tackles every new challenge in a calm and collected manner and seems to really enjoy exploring any new environment. His inherent bravery still astonishes me every day and I can’t wait to share in some more awesome adventures.

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