Kaewa: (Moari) noun: wanderer, traveller, drifter, rover, rambler, adventurer.

When Kaewa first stepped off the truck and into our lives, he did so with a careful caution intertwined with the confidence of a seasoned explorer. From the get-go Kaewa exhibited a quiet strength and presence that you could feel from across the yard. For the entire first week, all the other horses would hide behind this big beautiful bay when ever we would muck out the yards or serve up some hay. Kae would simply stand guard and look on in curiosity. 

He was the first to approach us, the first to take food from our hands, the first to accept our invite to touch. He tackles every new challenge in a calm and collected manner and seems to really enjoy exploring any new environment. His inherent bravery still astonishes me every day and I can’t wait to share in some more awesome adventures.

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There is no mirror more honest than the reflection found in your horses eye. There, stripped of facade, you will find your true self reflected in a frame that knows no deceit.

*selfie in the eye of #kaewa after a huge snowfall the night before, this 18 year old #kaimanawa #stallion straight from the wild has been one of the most influential teachers I've ever had and our time together was an absolute privilege.

#horsemanship #mindfulness #wildhorse #horsesofinsta #goriding #throwback
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There is no mirror more honest than the reflection found in your horses eye. There, stripped of facade, you will find your true self reflected in a frame that knows no deceit.  *selfie in the eye of #Kaewa after a huge snowfall the night before, this 18 year old #kaimanawa #stallion straight from the wild has been one of the most influential teachers Ive ever had and our time together was an absolute privilege.  #horsemanship #mindfulness #wildhorse #horsesofinsta #goriding #throwback

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Beautiful, so many details catch my eye. I've never thought about looking in a hotses eye, I might do it when I have my next lesson

Bijmin, you had a really special relationship with him. I'm grateful I was able to witness some of it. ❤️

I miss him. I used to check fb every day for new updates. Kaewa was definitely one of those ‘once in a life time’ horses. RIP gorgeous boy 💔

Beautiful message for such an amazing animal. 🥰


What an “old soul” ❤️ A beautiful photo Bijmin 😔💞

Beautiful and beautifully true☺️😇☺️. Thanks for the share Evan Clulee - I will be sharing.


Judith Cochrane

Melinda Bourke Blackwell thought you'd appreciate this

how do you now the horse's age?

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Today, I said goodbye to my best friend.

This video was taken at 1:06pm this afternoon. I have plenty of videos just like this one, our little ritual of taking sun naps together, that incredible space we share. Little did I know, today, at this time, just how special THIS moment was, just how fickle it was, just how special every moment with Kaewa has been, how much of an absolute privilege it’s been to be given his trust. It’s sometimes so easy to take for granted how much of an impact these incredible creatures can have on our lives.

In the single year that #Kaewa has been a part of my life after coming out of the ranges a wild 18 y/o stallion, he has taught me more about myself then I’ve managed to glean over 27 years. He’s challenged me, comforted me, inspired me, been my adventure buddy, my therapist, my refuge when times get hard and my constant motivation to be better.

Just moments after this video, when Kae lay down flat, I noticed his breathing wasn’t quite right and with him lying flat, I could suddenly see something was seriously wrong. He was reluctant to stand up and when he did he staggered, obviously severely dehydrated with clear signs of diarrhea on his legs that were previously hidden underneath him. I called the vet immediately and although he wasn’t on duty, Geoff from Remarkable Vets came out straight away and his calm, supportive and professional manner through this incredibly hard time for Jess and I was appreciated far more than I think I think we could say at the time. Thank you. Really.

The details are still a little too hard to talk about. Although there’s no way to know for sure, the vet thinks what happened is a case of Colitis X possibly caused by salmonella in one of the standing pools of water following all this rain. In a little under 24 hours Kaewa went from being a healthy horse when I was working with him yesterday, to having severe diarrhea and a complete system shut down.

At a little past 5pm, the decision was made to ease his suffering and to let him find peace.

To anyone reading this, take an extra 30 minutes tomorrow to just be with your horse, don’t ask anything of him/her, just be. Take it as often as you can. Appreciate him, soak up every little bit of that magic as you can and appreciate every second of it.

Run free little brother. Thank you. For everything.

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So sad to hear. All the respect you have shown each other has surely brought joy to all of us and will surely bless you for ever. Thanks for sharing the journey.

Such a beautiful special memory. He found his human and chose to go in your arms😇🙏🐎🌈 run free now over the Rainbow Bridge blessed boy . My thoughts are with you. 💔

A beautiful poignant video. A special horse who chose you 😢

😔Heart breaking for you guys, What a lovely video though to have taken, what a darling boy ❤️

My heart goes out to you guys 😢 I am so very sorry to hear about this. Sending lots of love to you both at this heartbreaking time

So sorry for your loss Bijmin - what a beautiful tribute and such a special year with you and Jess. Heartbreaking. Thinking of you and yes I will take that time with my own horse xxxx

So sorry for your loss Bijimn and Jess. That must have been so heartbreaking. Big hugs to you both x ❤

So incredibly sorry to hear this guys, sending you love and big hugs. He was so incredibly special in more ways than one, and he will live on in your thoughts. xx

Oh my, what a loss, but what a good time you've shared with this special friend. Hugs to you and Jess as you make your way through this rough patch in life.

I lost a dog this week and pain of the heart is so very hard. How lucky are we !!!! ❤️

So very beautiful and sad. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey. Fligh high little Kai!

Have followed your journey from the beginning with this amazingly giving and forgiving creature, I am so sorry for your loss Bijmin. Kaewa was very lucky to have you in his life right up until the end 🌈

Oh my goodness, Bijmin. I am SO sorry to read this. I know how much you loved him and he loved you. The two of you were so special and brought together to have this incredible year. It was a privilege and a joy to have spent that one week with you and Kaewa - he was so good and you always thought of what was best for him. It was beautiful and he couldn't have asked for a better partner. It's going to be difficult and my thoughts are with you and Jess. My deepest condolences. But think of all that Kaewa taught you and then you take that learning with you on the next part of your journey. Then it makes it not quite so sad. 💔❤️

It is never easy but when the unexpected happens its a double blow to the heart. All the knowledge Kae shared will never leave you. And he will always know the love you have for him. Nothing can take that away. Hugs to you and Jess

I am so sorry to hear this Bijmin Swart. So heartbreaking. I have loved watching your progress together and the connection you shared together has inspired me with my own horses. Definitely giving them all extra hugs tomorrow. Sending lots of love to you guys ❤️

Such a special video, have been following your wonderful journey with the Kai's and it has been so amazing, run free Kaewa ❤️ My thoughts are with you. This would have been a very hard post to make but thank you for sharing.

I am so sorry for you, sending you love and hugs.

💔💔💔 I am so very sorry for your loss Bijmin. I have NO words 😥

Really heart breaking, such a sad event I’m so sorry to hear this I’m sure your both devastated.... Love to you both ❤️

Heartfelt aroha for you Bijmin and Jess. Your journey with your special boy Kaewa was a beautiful one. May memories of the good times and all your wonderful learnings help ease the pain. Aroha mai

So sorry Bijmin and Jess .Our fur babies break our hearts , but the love they have given too are beautiful memories 🐴🌸🥰🥰

It’s never easy to let go ... I know you will treasure your memories... Heart horses never really leave us...hugs to you both

So sorry Bijmin and Jess. Such an amazing journey you both had together. RIP Kai

❤️❤️❤️ My heart breaks for you. Thankfully he had the best end of life with you. Sending you lots of love xxxxxxx ❤️❤️❤️

Oh Bijmin how terribly sad but how special are the memories you and Jess have of this magnificent stallion ..love and hugs dear Bijmin 🙏💖🐴😢

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